January 28, 2013

Monday Inspiration – Choice and Consequence

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Inspiration_012813_SnowRisingMy book club is currently reading Snow Rising by Matt Baldwin. The book is thought provoking and compelling, as the philosophy offered challenges your own personal beliefs.

For example, consider today’s inspirational quote.  What feelings does the quote instantly bring forth? Are they positive feelings or feelings of dread?  Are you perusing choices past or thinking of choices you can make today and in the future?  Have you thought about choices and consequences in terms of your health?

Our health is also a sequence of events that begins in choice and ends in consequence.  Choosing to skip breakfast only to gorge fast, processed foods at lunch is a choice that does not bode well.  Whereas, choosing a bowl of steel-cut oats is a choice your body will thank you for later.

I love preparing oats for breakfast, especially during the cold winter months.  Being pregnant during the winter apparently comes with a few healthy choice challenges, as well.  In the February/March 2012 Fit Pregnancy article, Winterize Your Pregnancy, a 2011 British survey found that pregnant women who gained too much weight “…were three times as likely to become overweight years afterward.”

After all, who wants to get up and exercise when the weather is bitter cold and it is still dark outside?  Also, a salad is not quite as appealing as it is during the summer.   Women who are pregnant during the winter are advised to be particularly conscious in their food and exercise choices; lest the weight they gain they forever keep.

Pregnant or not, choices we make about our health will end in consequence. You choose whether the outcome is positive or negative.

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