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January 22, 2017

Spare the Air Days

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California is a beautiful state, and there are numerous efforts to help preserve its natural environment. Part of the awareness of keeping the air clean for residents comes with knowledge that California is the country’s most populous state. Initiatives that encourage carpooling, public transit, and biking are popular in the Bay Area.

Good Reasons to Use Alternative Transit on Spare the Air Days

Many people choose to walk, ride a bike, use public transportation, or carpool to get to work. There are many tools available to help you find the fastest possible routes to get anywhere you need to be, such as’s Rideshare, County Connection, AC Transit, BART, Amtrak, and Altamont Commuter Express (ACE).

Some of the advantages that come with alternative commuting include:

  • Getting exercise you wouldn’t otherwise get by biking or walking
  • Sorting through emails or reading a book while in a vehicle or on a bus
  • Catching up with co-workers about work happenings if carpooling

What Are Spare the Air Alerts?

Spare the Air alerts were started to combat smog in the Bay Area. From May through October, there are more smoggy days than at other times of the year. However, the alert system is designed to give area residents fair warning so that they can take steps to reduce air pollution.

Some of the ways to stay alert include:

  • Following Spare the Air on Twitter or Facebook
  • Downloading the iPhone or Android app
  • Opting to get alerts via email
  • Calling one of two hotlines for updates
    • Call 1-877-4NO-BURN (1-877-466-2876)
    • Call 1-800-HELP AIR (1-800-435-7247)

Types of Transit Options

There are several transportation options found throughout the San Francisco Bay area, including San Ramon. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from, including BART and BART Express, Bike to Work East Bay (an annual event), as well as park and ride lots. Each option offers several ways to buy the tickets that you require.

Some of the highlights of the public transit options include:

  • Centrally located transit stations with ample parking
  • Bike lockers or racks with flexible yearly or quarterly rentals
  • Park and ride locations throughout the Bay Area

How Public Transit Has Shaped the Area

Home buyers in the San Ramon area have found this area an excellent choice for easy commuting. When commuters have multiple options, they can make informed decisions about how to best get to and from work.

If you are planning to move to the San Ramon Valley area, our San Ramon real estate office can be reached at (925) 519-0794. We are ready to help you find your ideal home.

This article originally appeared on Villa Properties’ blog.

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