Getting Started

Blogging is a great way to devote more time to the things you are passionate about, deepen you understanding and knowledge about them. It helps you share those passions, connect with other like minded people, which can be a deeply enriching experience. At WellJourn we decided to focus on health, fitness and nutrition, so everyday we learn more and more about these subjects which has improved the quality of our lives. We think it’s starting to rub off our friends and family as well. ūüėČ

Getting started with blogging is actually pretty easy. You can set up a free blog at places like The provide a lot of tools that simply the process.

If you want to make money blogging you should look into a hosted platform. At WellJourn we use as the blogging platform and BlueHost to host it. BlueHost also provides us with email addresses and storage for things like images and themes.

The absolute most important thing for blogging is your content.  To help us develop and improve our ideas for content we joined A-List Blogging.  They provide boot-camp programs, tutorials and a forum community that is very helpful to new bloggers.

To set up an online store for selling products we use

Social Media

There are a large number of Social Media options. So may that it can see a little overwhelming. ¬†We’ve experimented with a lot of them, with varying results. ¬†The top 3 that we focus on are StumbleUpon, Twitter and Facebook. ¬†We have a dedicated WellJourn account, as well as our personal accounts for all three of them. ¬†Currently StumbleUpon drives the most traffic, followed by Twitter then Facebook. ¬†Although, out of the three Facebook is the most interactive and we get more feedback from our readers that “Like” our page.

Here are links to our WellJourn social media accounts:

Please feel free to connect with us on all of them.