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April 6, 2012

Alternative Egg Fillers for the Weekend’s Hunt

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Camo Eggs and Jumbo Eggs for the Adults - Who say's you're too old to hunt? Pictured left to right: Coins, Stickers, Movie Ticket coupon, $5 bill, Burt's Bees Chapstick, $1 bill, Facial Cream from the Body Shop, Pedometer.

For those that celebrate Easter or perhaps just have an egg hunt, what fills those eggs?

This Sunday, I am hosting Easter lunch and a hunt for my family.  However, my eggs hunts are a little different.

First, I do not boil and color real eggs. Really, how many boiled eggs can one eat?

Instead, I go to my local dollar store and buy a pack of plastic eggs. Love the reusable factor, too!

Second, I do not fill the plastic eggs with candy.

I fill them with little trinkets and prizes.

For instance, I’ll delve into my Mrs. Grossman’s sticker stash and part with the more beautiful and elaborate ones I’ve collected.  I also take the opportunity to empty my coin purse and put a few quarters, dimes and nickels in the eggs. And for the camouflaged eggs (yes, I hide camo eggs), I put a few dollar bills and maybe a big ticket item such as a kid’s movie ticket.

Yes, filling eggs with coins, dollars, stickers, and chap-stick does cost a little more but my nieces look forward to the mini-gifts and I feel better knowing they are not getting any more sugar.

So instead of buying the jumbo bag of mini-candy, why not opt for a smaller bag and introduce a few alternatives this year?


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