December 17, 2012

Monday Inspiration – What Does Your Book of Health Look Like?

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If your health were a picture book what would it look like?  Be honest, would it be full of photos of everything sweet or would it be balanced with vegetables and exercise?


I think mine would start with a picture of a gallon of water, and then proceed to photo of an endless road covered in running shoes.  The next photo would be a collage of bright honeycrisp apples, dark green kale, brussels sprouts, strawberries, tomatoes and transposed over it all would be the ultrasound picture of the little one we are expecting next May!

Yes, we are expecting and all are in good health.  In fact our health has never been so important as now.  Especially, since I am the one responsible for fine tuning my little one’s tastes for fresh vegetables, leafy greens and fruits.  That is until he is old enough to write his own book of health.

When that time comes, I hope to have taught him balance and moderation and his book is one filled with photos of good health rather than disease.

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