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December 31, 2012

Three Tips for New Year’s Resolution Success!

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photo by Laurie Chipps
photo by Laurie Chipps

Cheers to you!

Cheers to me!

Cheers to everyone!

Tonight will be the night you toast the end of 2012 and vow “to do this” or vow to “not do that”.

Perhaps you will vow that in 2013 your resolutions will finally be successful.

Perhaps you will promise yourself to do better at keeping your resolutions.

Perhaps you envision yourself this time next year, proudly telling everyone how you succeeded.

You have heard that most resolutions fail. Do you know why?  According to an article on Psychology Today, most resolutions fail because they are:

  • Not Specific

    For instance, if you want to lose weight — great!  However, be specific.  Specify how much weight you want to lose in a certain time period.  If you want to lose 30 pounds, then set a timeframe for yourself such as four months for example.  Planning on losing 30 pounds over four months breaks down to approximately a 1.8 pound loss per week.  Try keeping a food journal so you know exactly how many calories are going in and how many calories you expend.  Try joining a support group or other friends who have a similarly specific goal.

  • Not Planned

    In a previous new year’s article, Resolution Confusion, I wrote about setting mini-resolutions and thinking of it as a goal.  This year, turn your resolution into a single goal and think of it in a different perspective.  Why? The definition of resolution is a resolve or determination; firmness of purpose.  Whereas the definition of goal is the result of achievement toward which effort if directed.  When you establish a goal, you set up steps to reach that goal.  Those steps become milestones and keep you moving forward.  In my opinion, a resolution equates to stubbornness and a goal is akin to giving and rewarding.  Which sounds better? I choose giving and rewarding over stubbornness any day!

  • Too Many

    Most people resolve to change aspects in every part of their life: health, financial, societal, and educational.  That is too many!  When you are serious about change do not multi-task your way to success. Be methodical and focused.

Three Tips for New Year's Resolution Success

Tonight, when someone asks you about your New Year’s resolutions you can honestly smile and say, I have one goal that I aim to achieve in 2013.

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