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September 2, 2013

Fruit.0 – My Product Review

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Fruit.0 - Product Review
The sample box I received contained both flavors to try.

If the Zombie Apocalypse does come, I’m stashing Fruit.O pouches in my bug-out bag!

Fruit.O (fruit point O) are handy pouches of pureed fruit blends. Their tag line, “No fuss, just Fruit” is exactly that – FRUIT!

Admittedly when I first received the complimentary samples I thought baby food, but I was surprised by the taste! I liked them! Yes, the packaging is resembles the way baby food is currently being packaged; but, it is actually very convenient.

First, I tried one over ice but the consistency was too thick to enjoy. A few days later I threw one in my swim bag for a post workout snack and this time I could really taste the fruit! At room temperature it tastes great! Personally, I like the blueberry mix more than the mango mix.


Carbohydrates play a key role in muscle recovery after a hard workout because glycogen (simply the stored form of sugar after it has been broken down by your body) stores have been depleted. If you do not refill your tank, your muscles will not reach their potential energy storing power and you may feel a bit sluggish at your next workout.

After an hour and a half of swimming laps and drill exercises, my muscles were happy for the quick pick me up. It is recommended to consume carbohydrates within 30 minutes post exercise. However, the sooner you can ingest carbohydrates the better.

You do not have to be an athlete to appreciate these fruit purees on the go! Moms on the go appreciate the convenience as well. Although my infant is not ready to try solids yet, other moms say their toddlers love these pouches! You can read Fruit.O testimonials on their website.

So how do I like Fruit.O pouches?

Over ice? No. As is? Yes! Mixed with yogurt? Yes! Bug-out bag ready? Yes!

Don’t wait for the apocalypse to try these fruit pouches! Fruit.O is raffling a free box if you like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, enter the raffle below.

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