Montessori Kindergarten: What you can Expect your Child will Learn

As kids approach their fifth or sixth birthday, they transition into a new academic phase. For most, this phase is either Montessori kindergarten or a more traditional pre-K program. Because the Montessori philosophy revolves around meeting individual children’s needs, it’s a fantastic choice for kindergarteners, who deserve to be fully prepared for the years ahead. However, you may need more information before you choose this path for your child. So what exactly do young children learn during their time at Montessori School?

While every child’s learning journey is different, most five- and six-year-old Montessori students are guided through certain milestones with hands-on, personalized learning materials. Here are some examples of the skills and subjects you can expect your child to learn during their kindergarten years at Montessori School:

Leadership & Mentoring Skills

Because Montessori early childhood education programs are designed to accommodate multiple ages and learning levels (just like real society), younger students naturally look to older students as role models. Your kindergarteners will be the leaders of their Montessori classroom community, and they will help their younger peers navigate the same subjects and social skills that they have already mastered. These exchanges are enriching for older and younger students alike, because mentoring teaches respect and compassion while re-emphasizing the lessons your children learned a few years ago.

Geography, Reading, Art, & Other Subjects

During Montessori early childhood programs, kids learn at their own pace, so as to not limit them to basic shapes, letters, and colors. The hands-on curriculum doesn’t shy away from sophisticated concepts and subjects, either. Instead, kindergarteners who are ready to read will have access to books designed to develop their reading skills further. When families choose Montessori kindergarten programs, they also choose activities and teaching methods that have been carefully designed to make “advanced” subjects more palatable for young minds.

Productive Classroom & Study Habits

Montessori students are never groomed to fit into a very narrow, strict version of learning and studying. Teachers understand that every child learns and works differently, and the kindergarten years are a great time for trial and error. As teachers want your kids to thrive for the rest of their lives, they actually encourage them to try different learning styles and study habits, so that we can see what works for them. After all, your child will have a head start in school if they already know how to take notes, study for tests, manage their time, and avoid distractions in a classroom environment.

Is your child ready for kindergarten? Contact us at the Montessori School of Newark to learn more about our unique learning environment for young students. Early childhood education is a priceless foundation for the future, and we take our task as educators very seriously.

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