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September 28, 2012

Living a Longer Life

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Me, my grandfather and his relatives. In 1998 I took my first trip to PI (Philippines) to celebrate my grandfather’s 98th birthday, meet extended family, and learn more about my amazing Grandfather.


My paternal grandfather and grandmother lived for 99 years and 94 years, respectively.  When people find out my true age, they usually follow it up with the comment “You must have good genes.”  To which, my reply is “fish and rice seems to be the secret!” 

While fish, rice and plenty of vegetables seemed to be the staples of my grandparents’ diet, I wonder is there a secret to living a long life? Is it a direct result of the hours spent in the gym? How does your diet impact your longevity?  Is it our genes or just fate?

This week, my book club is meeting to review the first three chapters of Dan Buettner’s, The Blue Zones.  In his book, Buettner discusses longevity hotspots around the world. These hotspots, or blue zones, are areas where people have lived the longest.  In his Ted Talk below, Buettner shares some of their secrets for living a longer life and hopefully, will inspire you to read his book as well. 🙂

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