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April 13, 2013

Revise and Reclaim Your 2013 Goals With a Vision Board

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Create a vision board to reclaim your health, fitness and overall wellness goals.

Revise and Reclaim Your 2013 Goals with a Vision Board
My new board focuses on fitness after having a new baby.


I first heard about vision boarding from a former co-worker.  The topic came about during a difficult and yet opportune time in my life. I had just gone through a horrible breakup that left me feeling stranded and confused.  I managed to keep it all together at work, or so I believed.  In retrospect, I must have looked like a walker from the TV show The Walking Dead.

Recognizing my pain, my coworker mentioned vision boarding as a means to grow, focus and heal.  I decided to give it a try, but only after I had started therapy to get over the emotional train wreck I allowed myself to become.  I shared my boards with my therapist and explained how each image and affirmation were actionable steps towards healing.

I posted my boards in a place I would see them everyday: the front door.  I chose the front door because if I wanted to do laundry, run errands, go to work or simply take out the trash I would see my boards and take time to review and reflect on my goals.  Seeing images such as a yogi balanced and focused with an open inner eye, ocean waves, and phrases that declared inner peace, forgiveness and love really helped me heal. I created a second board that highlighted a challenging half marathon I wanted to complete, and later accomplished. That board featured images of training such as running hills, strength training, core exercises and a photo-shopped picture of me crossing the finish line.

I enjoyed creating my vision boards not only because I felt like a kid again with stacks of magazines, glue and scissors; but mostly because it provided an outlet for me to express feelings and thoughts through pictures and phrases.

The power of the vision board is, in my opinion, to bring positive focus to the forefront of one’s mind.  Your board should remind you of what you hope to accomplish and feature images and phrases that outline the necessary steps towards achieving your goals.

Ultimately, the board is a reflection of your positivity and motivation — the person you want to be and shall become.

Below are additional resources to help you make a vision board.

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