October 13, 2013

Inspiration – Becoming Ourselves

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Inspiration - Buddha Becoming What We ThinkHello World?

Are you still there?

I feel like we haven’t talked in awhile and I’ve missed you. I know you’ve been busy with all the worldly stuff and I’ve been busy trying to figure out this life balance stuff now that I have a 7 month old son.

My son is doing well. He is growing and reaching his milestones, which is really all a parent could ever ask for; especially parents of preemies. To say that it has been a challenging transition would be an understatement; for some reason, I had a completely different vision of me as a mother.

First, I thought I would be back at my pre-pregnancy weight.

Silly me.

I also thought nursing would be a piece of cake and that somehow, I would magically become a superwoman/supermom/superwife who would manage to take care of her newborn, while keeping the house clean, training for that next marathon, and taking a few online classes! Oh and staying active in her mothers’ club.

Was I wrong in thinking I could do it all?

However, I realized something that I seemed to have forgotten. Things change and change is good. We may not like it [the changing thing] at the time, but if we stick it out we find harmony. We may not always be in balance but we feel better for trying and maybe, finally, attain a peace of soul and mind.

After accepting that I will never have my “old life back” (and why would I want that anyway?), I drilled down to what I was missing. I missed how I felt after a good run, swim or workout. So I signed up for a swim class and have started running again.  The one or two hours I spend doing something for my health centers and grounds me. When I feel at ease, I think I am a much better mother, wife and person.

This week, take a little time for yourself – even if only 5 to 10 minutes and become the person you think and feel you want to become.

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