Winter Squash Health Benefits

Winter Squash Health Benefits

Guest Post by Lisa Masé, of Harmonized Cookery Winter is here! Now is the time to savor sweet, earthy foods like winter squash, a versatile vegetable that warms our whole being and helps our bodies rejuvenate.  Squash is available in a variety of colors and flavors; however, it is the deep orange color that reminds […]

Three Lessons from a Picky Eater

Activity every day - Isa on one of our hikes.

  Last week my younger niece, Isa Bella, stayed with us for four nights.  I know she enjoyed her stay and playing with Uncle Luke (sometimes pronounced “look”).  Yet, I sometimes struggle with what to feed her. Okay, I tend to obsess about it. When it comes to nutrition I tend to offer different foods […]

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