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April 17, 2013

Inspiration – Actionable Ideas

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Yesterday I wore an old race shirt because I read about an idea on Facebook. The idea was simple. It asked runners everywhere to show their support for the Boston Marathon by wearing an old race shirt. The one I chose to wear was my first Nike Women’s Half Marathon shirt from 2005.  I wear my race shirts all the time; however, yesterday it was somehow different.

I felt more apart of the running community despite the fact that I haven’t run one inch since becoming pregnant.  I felt part of a community of runners who train relentlessly to complete their next challenge.  I’ve always been a runner, ever since my first pair of chetah running shoes as a little girl. I liked chetah because I believed they made me run fast.  It is no surprise that I became a sprinter in high school and college.

I later trained for my first marathon in 2005 because it was a bucket list idea.  An idea that has been put into action every year since.  To date I have run four full marathons, seven half marathons, and countless 10k’s and 5k’s — all because of an idea.

How many ideas do we have in a day? I can barely begin to count.  How many ideas do we put into action? Those I can count.   The moment you act on an idea, it becomes apart of you.  For your health, it could be as simple as participating in a community walk or cutting out soda.

We all have ideas on how we can live healthier but what do they matter if action is never taken?

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