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March 17, 2011

Weekly Recipe – Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Pecans

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Serves 4
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes

Do you remember those little green door knobs that sat on the dinner plate? Untouched. I would have a veritable stare down, thinking that if I stared hard enough they would just…disappear.  However, I wasn’t allowed to leave the dinner table until I ate them.  So it became a waiting game: me against the brussels sprouts and Team Mom/Dad.  In the end, normally an hour later all by myself at the kitchen table, I would reluctantly eat one and they would concede.

Well, Mom didn’t serve these brussels sprouts and if she did I might have eaten more!  Kid tested, too — my 7 year-old niece ate her entire serving and asked for more!

40 Brussels Sprouts, halved
5 Red Pearl Onions, quartered
1/2 cup Pecans, halved
1 tbsp Olive Oil

In a medium pan, heat olive oil over medium-high heat.  Add pecans and occasionally stir until fragrant about 5 minutes.  Add onions and cook 5 minutes more.  Add brussels sprouts.  Cook for about 20 minutes or till bright green and can be pierced with a fork.

Enjoy as a side dish with dinner!

Get your green on the inside too!

Brussels sprouts, as well as, other dark green leafy vegetables are good sources of:

Vitamin A,
Vitamin C,
Calcium, and

…just to name a few!  Who knew you could get so much from something so little?



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15 thoughts on “Weekly Recipe – Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Pecans

  1. I have tried many, many recipes to get myslef to like Brussel Sprouts. They are so good for you and can be a very attractive dish to serve. I just can’t seem to make them taste good! I am just not convinced that you can change, compliment, or mask the strong flavor of those little buggers!

  2. Now I’m craving brussel sprouts. Don’t you think to that as we get older our taste buds change and mature a little (a lot in my case). I’m so glad I can appreciate this kind of veggie now, especially since there are so many different ways you can make them:)

  3. My parents never served me Brussels sprouts as a child, but I absolutely adore them now. Hands down one of my favorite vegetables. I prefer them steamed, but I like the idea of pecans with them. I’l give it a try.

  4. I never really cared for brussel sprouts, but I really enjoyed this recipe. The pecans are a great addition.

  5. I’m really looking forward to making these. I know they’re a nutritional powerhouse. I think I’ve always been lukewarm toward them because I think I’ve always had them boiled which I think diminishes the bite that makes them tasty for me.

    BTW, cauliflower is the one my mom kept serving hoping it would catch on. I to this day still don’t care much for it at all. Broccoli is another story. Always loved it.

    I’ll let you know how it goes. My wife is not sure at all about this one but we’ll both take the plunge!


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